The Blayson Group Ltd
It is with sadness we learnt that Dave Morson passed away on 6 February 2019 and the Company send our sincere condolences to Dave’s family.

Dave worked for Blayson for over 25 years in various capacities, the last one being Executive Director. It was a pleasure to work with Dave during his time with Blayson, he was such an honest and dedicated employee and contributed greatly to the success of the Company.  He was so well respected within the investment casting industry.

Although Dave left Blayson in 2018 for a new role at MPI, he left Blayson on very good terms and was always considered a good friend and colleague.

Once again, the Company offer our sincere condolences to Dave’s family.


Equipment, Ancillary Materials & Additional Services

Blayson Casting Systems Ltd supplies a range of ancillary materials, equipment and services to support investment casting foundries. The objective is improved control of wax handling, melting, conditioning and injection to enable the production of high quality injected wax parts.

  • Advanced wax pattern injection equipment
  • Faster more accurate wax pattern production
  • Injected wax parts – runner bars, soluble cores and patterns
  • Project management
  • Ancillary materials

Ancillary Materials

Designed by Blayson and manufactured specifically for the investment casting process.

Trisol 60 Plus pattern wash is the leading and most effective pattern wash for removing silicone and cleaning patterns and assemblies prior to the shelling process Trisol imparts a unique surface micro-etch aiding prime coat adhesion.

  • Extensively used in worldwide investment casting
  • Effective where sharp pattern edges occur such as turbine blades

Release Agents specially formulated for even coating and easy removal of wax patterns from moulds

  • Blaysil 200 silicone (aerosol)
  • MRA 250 non-silicone (bulk)

Injected Wax Parts

  • Runner systems
  • Soluble cores
  • Patterns

Other Blayson Casting Systems products and services

  • Wax process developments
  • Wax process and equipment audits
  • Wax room ancillary equipment
  • Customer specific wax process projects

Blayson Technical Centre

  • Technical development and support
  • Responsible for maintaining Group quality standards
  • Provides the investment casting industry with a centre of excellence for wax technology and processing
  • Blayson is accredited to ISO 9001:2015

Blayson Japan Co Ltd

  • Supporting Blayson Group companies
  • Complete range of wax, foundry equipment and materials