The Blayson Group Ltd
It is with sadness we learnt that Dave Morson passed away on 6 February 2019 and the Company send our sincere condolences to Dave’s family.

Dave worked for Blayson for over 25 years in various capacities, the last one being Executive Director. It was a pleasure to work with Dave during his time with Blayson, he was such an honest and dedicated employee and contributed greatly to the success of the Company.  He was so well respected within the investment casting industry.

Although Dave left Blayson in 2018 for a new role at MPI, he left Blayson on very good terms and was always considered a good friend and colleague.

Once again, the Company offer our sincere condolences to Dave’s family.


  • Celebrated 50 years of business September 2011
  • A leading specialist manufacturer of superior investment casting wax and supplier of ancillary materials, equipment and services to the global investment casting industry
  • Sales offices, agents & distributors serving customers across 6 continents
  • Stable independent company
  • Continuing to invest and invent
  • Ethos is to promote Blayson as a profitable company for the benefit of our customers, employees, the industry and the environment
  • Active member of the following investment casting organisations

Investment Casting Institute (ICI)
European Investment Casters' Federation (EICF)
Cast Metals Federation (CMF)
Japan Foundry Society Inc (JFS)

Blayson is a key supplier to strategic industries including Aerospace, IGT, Medical, Automotive, Defence, Communications, Microwave, Electronics, Marine, Sport & Leisure and Construction
  • Focused solely on investment casting industry
  • Extensive experience and knowledge of industry requirements
  • Blayson emphasis on R&D maintains strong technical lead
  • Close technical support and partnership approach

Mission Statement
"To provide the most effective materials and services for producing wax patterns for the global Investment Casting Market”
“To pursue excellence in all our endeavors and to be at the forefront of providing a better understanding of wax materials, thus enabling our customers to maintain and improve their competitiveness"
"To promote Blayson as a profitable company for the benefit of our customers, employees and the environment"